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About Us

Established in Spain in 1994, Pressto is today the world’s largest chain of quality express dry cleaning with more than 500 outlets in over 25 countries

At PRESSTO, we redefined dry cleaning by assuring the best in garment handling and delivering excellent service using the latest dry cleaning and laundering technologies for finest results. We cater for individuals and professionals who value their garments and wish to see them treated and cared for in the way they deserve.

The garment care and dry cleaning service offered by PRESSTO is a unique boutique concept where each garment goes through a tailor made and individual care and cleaning process in the retail store itself by a well-trained team of specialists. PRESSTO stands Personalized, Reliable, Hygienic, Transparent and Timely Quality Services. PRESSTO’s real USP goes further than the physical dirt, it is as well about being truly completely hygienic. PRESSTO is the only dry cleaner in the world that cleans the dry cleaning solvent after every cycle. PRESSTO’s machines, cleaning materials and processes are the best available globally but the success mostly comes through the genuine care and passion for garments and customers by all our staff. PRESSTO is the true expert on garment care including stain removal and it is such a pleasure to give a new lease of life to a garment which is dear to the customer.


  • PRESSTO is doing much more than taking out physical dirt. It offers a complete package which includes hygienic cleaning, trained people and superior customer service. PRESSTO is the only dry cleaner who distils the dry cleaning solvent after each cycle and is therefore much more hygienic than any other dry cleaning brand.

  • PRESSTO has been able to develop a proprietary state-of-the-art expertise in cleaning treatments for varied range of textiles, fabrics and types

  • PRESSTO has over 100 million customers in 25 countries over 6 continents.

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