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Quality Express In-Store Garment Alteration and Repair Services
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Presstoke- Alteration & Repairs Services

Quick and Effective In-house repair and alteration service!
Presstoke is an exclusive service offered by us as part of our unique express dry cleaning service. We take care of cleaning and fixing of your garments prior processing .The result is a full dryclean service from start till finish for your convenience.
 Services include:
• Changing Waist Bands
• Hems fixing of kinds
• Changing of Zipper
• Shortening of Shirt Sleeves, Trouser legs etc
• Reinforcing Seams
• Collars and Fists
• Linings
• Paste Buttons
• All other tailoring alteration works

So whether your require to resize your garment ,adjust your dress, shirts, blazers etc to custom fit you, repair holes or broken zips, Presstoke makes every imaginable alteration  possible for your garment